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About Us

It’s hard to remember life B4 (before) sports!

Most nights one of us is at a field or at a rink! And if we are home, we are watching professional games on T.V.

Like most athletes, the B4 brothers (there are four of us!), wear a lot of t-shirts. We are always looking for a great design on a comfortable shirt to add to our collection. We love t-shirts that capture the sports we watch and play. Great t-shirts have been hard to come by. Poor quality shirts with heat pressed art have become the norm, and better quality shirts often have big price tags. We wanted something better! Great custom silk-screened t-shirts at a reasonable price. It’s that simple.

Our family has a tradition of making a custom t-shirt for every summer. Each winter we create a design and have it silk-screened onto unbelievably soft and comfortable t-shirts. We share them with friends and family that visit throughout the summer. It’s from this family tradition that B4 Shirts was born!

Our goal is to be known for incredible t-shirts with custom designs featuring the sports we respect and love. Every athlete wears t-shirts, these t-shirts look and feel as amazing as you play!

Wouldn’t you enjoy having an awesome t-shirt show up in your mailbox every 3 months? The B4 Shirts team will create 4 custom t-shirts per year featuring your favorite sport. As a member of the B4 team, you will receive a new shirt every 3 months, so you will always have a good supply of great shirts.

We want to hear from you and we would love to get a picture of you sporting a B4 shirt!

The B4 Shirts Brothers…Liam, James, Sean and Aidan